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Cloud Computing

SaaS cloud solutions

Your solutions have been installed successfully in your domestic market and provide a foothold for international expansion. What’s next? The search for a product-market fit is ready but still we need to look for a repeatable and scalable sales models outside the current borders. During this stage, marketing and sales spending should be focused on finding out local needs to establish a clear-cut value proposition.

Springboard can identify with you the sales facilitators to rapidly scale your business and revenue. The first objective is to seek early adopters to cross the chasm towards mainstream buyers and Southern European alliances. Springboard can help you spot the right local alliances, such as enterprise customer, channels, carriers or cloud service providers. Our company enables you to outsource your sales efforts and reduce potential investments in this preliminary phase.

Springboard provides (SaaS) cloud solution vendors with:

  • Outsourced sales activities
  • Immediate local presence
  • Sales planning design and execution
  • Test Early-adopters – feedback analysis– benchmark
  • Marketing communication
  • Enterprise customers sales and account management
  • Access to cloud service providers, carriers or resellers